We produce videos and take care of the whole process, from the generation of the idea to the delivery of the final piece. We make TV spots, corporate videos and whatever else you can think of. And when we have time to spare, we get into the mud of producing our own documentaries.


graphic design

From hearing it so much from our design colleagues, all of us at Freebox know that the verb BREATHE doesn’t just mean the obvious. They are capable of fusing art with communication to make a design that breathes your company from all four sides. And, if you get a little closer, you can even hear it.


marketing digital

The world of advertising changes every day, but there is still only one way for the world to get to know your company or your idea. We help you develop the most efficient strategies to make your brand stand out in the jungle that is today’s digital ecosystem.


web development and programming

Nobody is anything without their website. It is the ID of your company and, as such, it must be taken care of. At Freebox we build your cyber home or we reform it and we don’t stop until you feel comfortable with it. With a fast and dynamic operation.


organisation and production of events

We have been to so many events in our lives that we have learned how to organise them. And we’re good at it. Put your company’s activities in our hands and they will grow. And if what you need is coverage of the event itself, you’re in the right place.


communication and rrpp

At Freebox we also make a living from communicating. What our clients do and, as you are reading, what we do. If we don’t tell, no one will know. We know how and through which channels to do it so that the response is even better than expected.


strategy and content generation

A fundamental part of Freebox is made up of journalists, with as much experience as talent and initiative. We love to create audiovisual and written content so that your clients continue to believe in your company or start to do so.


social media strategy and management

We create the most innovative content for your followers to interact with you, so that the number increases and you have an excellent brand presence, which will make you grow and have a better presence in the face of the objective you have set within your company.

Nacho Fernández Pascual
Nacho Fernández Pascual@nachofernandez
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This is not a communication and marketing agency, it is a group of professionals with an excellent level and quality, where the priority is the quality and the personal treatment...
Alejandro Tobalina
Alejandro Tobalina@Tobalina95
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Great treatment and great professionals: qualified, attentive and efficient.
Jose María Morales
Jose María Morales@morales_
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Great cantachef production, good idea and entertaining presentation.
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